Sports & Family Chiropractic LLC


“Dr. Schulz has always been there for me to help me with my back pain. He’s very friendly and always spends a lot of time with me during my visits which is not that common. I would recommend him to anyone who has pain.” Ann


“I can always get an appointment that is convenient for me. With my busy schedule, being able to be seen when it works for me is very important. He always fits me in.” Glenn


“I don’t go that often because whatever he does he does it well. If I hurt myself or sleep wrong, a few visits and I’m back to normal. I’m not big into medication so this is perfect for me.” Mike


“I feel like Dr. Schulz really cares about my wellness and not just seeing another number. That means a lot to me.” Jim


“I work online, so the majority of my time is spent sitting down at the computer. After doing this for several years, my back started hurting quite a bit, especially my lower back. I wasn’t sure if a chiropractor could help me or not, but after the pain became too much to handle I decided I would try to get relief wherever I could find it. I asked around and a couple people I knew recommended that I give Dr. Schulz a try. So I called his office and made an appointment to see him the very next morning. He gave me a thorough examination and actually took time to ask me questions about my lifestyle and my condition. And in that first visit he made some adjustments to my spine that – much to my surprise – actually had me feeling improved that same day. I continued going to his office for more visits, and after a few weeks worth of treatments I am a changed man! Thanks to his treatments as well as some exercises & stretched Dr. Schulz recommended, my back pain is now gone! I highly recommend Dr. Schulz to anyone with neck or back pain!” Joey, Mandeville