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Have Pain? Myofascial Release Therapy May Help

Mandeville, LA Chiropractic CareDr. Brenton Schulz sees a number of patients in our Mandeville chiropractic office who are struggling with some type of pain. Oftentimes, their pain is caused by tight areas within the myofascial tissues (the tissues around your muscles), which makes their release critical to easing your discomfort. This is generally accomplished with myofascial release therapy.

Myofascial release therapy involves using specialized massage and stretching techniques directed at the tightened areas—called trigger points—in an effort to get them to relax, thereby relieving the pain in the affected area. Studies have also found that this particular treatment method improves range of motion. This means that you’ll find it less challenging to engage in everyday activities like playing with your kids or doing household chores because you’ll be able to move around with greater ease.

To learn more about myofascial release therapy and what it can do for you, contact our Mandeville chiropractor office today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Brenton Schulz. We’ll do what we can to help you become (and stay) pain free!


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