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Mandeville, LA Chiropractic Wellness

Many people think of chiropractic care as an effective way to manage back pain. Although this is true, countless research papers show that chiropractic can alleviate a wide variety of other health problems, while supporting general health and wellness.

The research indicates that chiropractic can be helpful for scoliosis, osteoarthritis, radiating pain, pregnancy-related health issues, hypertension, sports wellness, fibromyalgia, decreasing stress hormones, and even enhancing immune function!

While so many scientific studies have explored the many positive aspects of chiropractic adjustments, the best way to experience the many advantages is to give it a shot yourself! So take the plunge and learn how chiropractic care can improve your whole body wellness today.

To read more about the research on chiropractic, take a look at this information on ChiroNexus News.


Winter in Mandeville, LA: More Aches and Pains

Mandeville, LA is finally seeing our first cold weather of the year and with it comes aches and pains for many of our patients. We don't know exactly why chilly weather conditions bring pain for some people.

Differences in barometric pressure might be one culprit. Pain patients are also fairly sensitive to all kinds of painful stimulus, like cold, and that might also be why some people experience more discomfort in the winter.

Although we are unable to control weather conditions, we can do some things to ease the discomfort from the winter months:

  • Get some exercise. Nothing warms up your body like physical activities, plus it helps boost your mood and keeps you healthy!
  • Stay hydrated. When it's chilly out and the humidity is low, it's easy to get dehydrated. Drink lots of water during the winter months.
  • Heat therapy. A heating pad can really do a lot to lessen aches and pains.
  • See your chiropractor! We're trained to help people with musculoskeletal pain and conditions, and we can help not only relieve the discomfort of wintertime, but, more importantly, help resolve the underlying problem causing the pain in the first place.

Chiropractic is safe and effective for so many conditions. If you'd like to get out of pain without drugs and/or surgical procedures, give our Mandeville, LA office a call today at (985) 809-3135 for an appointment.


Mandeville, LA Auto Injury Treatment and Shoulder Pain

Shoulder discomfort is a problem reported by many auto injury patients, and there are two basic causes.

The first is direct injury to the shoulder during the crash. If your shoulder hits something directly, it can injure the joint capsule. Also, if you are gripping the steering wheel firmly during a rear-end impact, your body can lag behind the car, placing stress on your wrists and shoulders.

The second cause of shoulder pain is not as direct and can be tougher to identify. Injury to the neck or back can produce tension on the nerves that travel from the spine to your shoulder, arm, and hands. This can be baffling, as the painful sensation or numbness is experienced in one part of your body, while the problem is actually in your spine.

Chiropractic care is a tried and tested, effective way to help men and women with shoulder pain, and we've been working with these types of injuries in Mandeville, LA since 2003.

If you've been in a crash and have symptoms of shoulder injury, Dr. Schulz is here to help. We can help identify the underlying cause of your problem and formulate a treatment plan to help you restore your health. We have helped many patients in Mandeville, LA improve from these sorts of problems.

Call our office today at (985) 809-3135 for a consultation or for more information.